Services Provided

We have the expertise to offer a reliable and speedy service, safeguarding the interests of our clients.


The core areas of expertise of Christos Rovlias Law Office are:

Public Contracts
Project Finance

Data Protection

Environmental, planning and waste management

Real Estate
EC Public Procurement and Competition
Litigation and Arbitration
Corporate and Commercial Law
Intellectual Property



Our Law Firm is nowadays regarded as one of the leading construction law and project finance / PPP practices in Greece. We provide reliable, efficient service covering the whole spectrum of private construction and public works projects. We have been involved, in various stages, in Greece and abroad with projects such as:

  • Underground
  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Railroad construction
  • Highways
  • Hydroelectric works – dams
  • Industrial sites
  • Biological treatment and waste disposal projects
  • Hospitals
  • Civil buildings
  • Organised residential sites
  • Business centres
  • Office buildings

We are there every step of the way: from the preparation of consortia and joint ventures through the bidding process and the negotiations on the final contract to project management and any subsequent disputes arising in connection with the project. We pride ourselves in being your reliable advisor and partner in all major ventures in the construction field.

Public Contracts

One of the office’s basic scope of work refers to legal services/advice on issues relating to public procurement, administrative procedures and litigation in public works, designs, supply contracts and services agreements, including utilities, in the framework of Greek and European Community law. The legal services rendered in this sector involve, on the one hand, contracting authorities and, on the other, bidders and/or contractors. Of course, the provision of these services also concerns the private contracts of the aforementioned subjects.

Project Finance

Nowadays the roles of project participants on infrastructure and other projects are not clearly delineated any more. Project sponsors are not only government entities and financing is not based on the financial standing of the country. Contractors are taking on increased responsibilities and accept greater risks. Not only are they building projects but they also finance, own and operate them. They commit themselves by investing equity in the projects they develop and attract other sponsors for the realisation of their goals. At the same time, the public sector wants value-for-money proposals. It expects higher quality standards, cost and time control, the delegation of important risks to the private sector and finally transfer of know-how from the experts to its human resources.

Under limited recourse-financing the banks support those viable projects which are expected to generate sufficient income to service the loans provided. All these and other parties involved have different aims and attitude towards the project.

It is extremely important not only to know how to deal with the arising issues but also to understand and satisfy each party’s considerations and requirements.

We have been instructed by sponsors, contractors, public entities, engineers, operators and consultants in connection with a variety of projects including infrastructure, building projects, marinas etc.

Our contribution ranges from the initial inception and preliminary documentation structure to the financial closing and operation stage. We effectively advise on :

  • allocating project risks such as:
    • financial, market/price, commercial risks
    • design, construction, completion risk
    • operation & maintenance
    • environmental requirements
    • safety considerations
    • political risks
  • structuring bankable projects
  • safeguarding construction and operation performance.

Data Protection

In the digital era rapid technological developments and globalisation create new challenges for the companies that collect and process personal data. Ensuring a lawful, safe and secure data processing environment is crucial for every company, as personal data is considered the “hard currency” of the 21st century. Our law firm offers high standard consultation services on data protection and privacy issues. Our experienced staff guarantees integral and comprehensive approach to professionals, companies and the public sector to achieve compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”). Our areas of expertise cover a wide range of data processing, such as health data processing, medical research, cloud computing, biometric applications, data protection in workplace and whistleblowing schemes. Our firm offers legal support to data controllers and data processors to fulfil their obligations under the GDPR, including full support of the DPO’s tasks and consultation activities, implementation of the “privacy by design” and “privacy by default” mechanisms and mechanisms for data breach notifications, communication with the data subjects, keeping of data records, carrying out data protection impact assessment (DPIA) and support during prior consultation with the DPA, support in drafting codes of conduct and in obtaining certification, privacy seals and marks at both national and EU level, consultation on international data transfer and support to governments in constructing an adequate data protection legal framework. Our experience in representations before the supervisory authorities in Greece and the EU as well as all competent bodies in the EU, the US, Asia and Africa guarantees an effective and successful cooperation in the framework of the compliance mechanism and with regard to international transfers, including “Privacy Shield”.

Environmental, planning and waste management

Environmental requirements at national and European level are continuously increasing for all activities. Our firm consults its clients on all aspects of environmental issues, including urban planning and waste management. Enjoying the benefit of extended experience of representation in front of the Council of the State and Court of Appeals on environmental and planning issues and specialization on administrative law matters, as well as of the extended experience in direct dealing and cooperation with public authorities in Greece, we advise contractors and developers on permitting issues and issues of compliance with applicable environmental legislation. We ensure that our clients enjoy high quality representation by our attorneys in front of authorities, independent bodies and Greek Courts on all kind of permitting and environmental issues


The past years have observed considerable steps forward for the Greek energy system. The increasing use of natural gas, the establishment of pan-European and international networks, the promotion of alternative energy sources and energy-saving plans and the gradual liberalisation of the energy market are found at the core of recent developments in the sector.

The new era has triggered considerable energy-related investments, resulting in the continuous amendment of the Energy Chart of the country. In this new era, our office is providing valuable support to governmental institutions and perspective investors.

To date, our contribution has mainly involved :

    • structuring investment plans
    • power purchase agreements
    • energy- related concession projects
    • construction of power plants
    • tender documents for energy-related projects
    • advising on applicable legislation for
      • renewable energy sources
      • natural gas
      • electricity
      • petroleum products

Real Estate

The building and development industry has become more diversified and complex in recent years. Many of our clients have initiated investments in the property sector and concluded sophisticated financial, lease, building and operation agreements.

We have successfully guided our clients through all necessary steps including property acquisition, building contractual documentation, hiring of experts and financing in a broad range of activities from residential and office buildings to cinema complexes, hotel and leisure developments, business centres etc. We also offer our advice and support on all planning, taxation and related regulatory issues which quite often create obstacles in property investment.

EC Public Procurement and Competition Law

In the process of European integration the field of public procurement has shown remarkable progress following a steady development over the past three decades. Today European Public Procurement Contracts represent a considerable percentage of the GDP of the European Union and major steps forward have been achieved in favour of transparency and competition in the award of public contracts.

Within this context we advise and represent before the national courts and the competent European bodies public entities, contractors, suppliers and service providers in relation to all procurement and competition issues. We also take active part in the preparation of the Greek input to the Commission’s procurement and public works policies.

Litigation & Arbitration

 A significant proportion of our work and expertise relates to contentious matters. In addition to litigation before the Greek courts, we have extensive experience of construction arbitration, domestic and international.

We are often consulted before the parties resort to litigation and we offer our advice with a view to avoid either the judicial or the arbitral resolution of disputes.

Our Firm is also experienced in alternative dispute resolution and procedures of mediation, conciliation, mini-trials, D.A.B. and other methods of resolving construction disputes.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Any corporation needs legal advice and support in almost every area of its operations. We offer reliable services in areas such as:

  • Advice on the most appropriate legal form of your corporation or business
  • Establishment of companies
  • Corporate finance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Ongoing advice and support on operational decisions of the management
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Transfer of shares
  • Commercial contracts

Intellectual Property

Christos Rovlias Law Office has a long experience in the trademarks field. The services offered in this area refer mainly to:

  • Preliminary search
  • Application
  • Support
  • Protection
  • Renewal
  • Transfer
  • Opposition, cancellation, interference
  • Defence